Our First Missionary!



In January of 2010, God led Amanda Benson to move to Eagle Butte to teach 8th grade math. The semester before that, she was in the Philippines completing her student teaching at Faith Academy.  Though she knew that God led her to Eagle Butte, she also knew that that was for a time.  After teaching in 8th grade math for 5 ½ years, God has led Amanda to return to Faith Academy in Manila as a career missionary with SEND, International.

Amanda is passionate about teaching and discipling missionary kids.  She loves teaching, but even more than that, she wants to disciple these young men and women to follow the Lord wholeheartedly.  She is investing her life into theirs so that they can build a solid relationship with God to take with them when they go back out into the world after high school. 

First Baptist Church of Eagle Butte has agreed to be a sending church for Amanda as she goes on this journey.  As a church, we are very excited to be sending a missionary from among our congregation.  We have come alongside her, partnering with Amanda as she prepares to minister to missionary kids in the Philippines.

If you would like to hear more about Amanda’s ministry, visit her website at www.oboejo.wix.com/foundfaithful

You can find out more about Faith Academy at www.faith.edu.ph

Amanda is going to the Philippines with SEND, International.  Visit their website at www.send.org.

If you would like to be a part of Amanda’s financial support team, go to her website mentioned above and click on “support” or go to www.send.org/benson.

Please feel free to contact Amanda at oboejo09@gmail.com