Summer Internships


During the past few years, First Baptist Church has had the pleasure of hosting two different interns who showed interest in learning about ministry to native peoples.  We are proud to continue to offer summer internships to those who want to learn about ministry through hands-on training within our little family.


Interns will be provided with a place to stay during their time here, together with specialized instruction partially geared toward their individual talents, abilities and interests.  Possible training areas include, but are not limited to, worship leadership, event promotion, Vacation Bible School, hospitality, community outreach, event planning, cooking, and writing assignments for practical ministry.  Running a church takes a lot of different kinds of work, and I’m not opposed to letting you get your hands dirty with any of it.  If you’re willing to learn, and ready to work, You can find a place with us here in South Dakota.

If you are interested in pursuing an internship opportunity with us, please contact Pastor Ben me at (605)964-3612, or email him at