Summer Mission Trips

Summer Mission Trip Opportunities


Within the Cheyenne River Reservation exist ministry opportunities beyond count.  We at First Baptist Church of Eagle Butte are privileged to be involved in ministering to some of these needs.  But until the return of our Lord Jesus, we can never do it all.  That is why we are so privileged, during the summer months, to host mission teams from all over the United States.  They come from such far-flung places as Virginia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Iowa and North Carolina, and their ministry activities here are as diverse as their home states.


                                                                                                         Some mission teams have put on a Vacation Bible School here in Eagle Butte.  Others have carried Vacation Bible Schools to the outlying settlements in other parts of the reservation.  Still others have put on basketball camps, done construction projects of varying sizes, or engaged in door-to-door promotion of Sunday School. 


The possibilities for mission work are endless, and we at First Baptist Church have made every effort to make the experience of our visiting friends as easy and enjoyable as possible.  Our church is outfitted with shower and kitchen facilities that are well suited for the use of visiting church groups, and if your group needs a place to stay while you are up here, the church building is at your service.


Whatever part of the country you call home, and wherever your talents and interests lie, you can find a place where your ministry is needed here on the Cheyenne River reservation. 

If  your church is considering a mission trip to this part of the country, or if you would simply like more information, please call Pastor Ben at (605) 964-3612, or email him at